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New Guideline On Hypertension Lowers Threshold

DALLAS, Texas — Nearly half of American adults are at risk for major health problems because of high blood pressure, according to a new scientific guideline issued by the American Heart Association that redefines this often silent but potentially harmful condition and provides tactics for health care providers to detect it.

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CDA Journal Focuses On Crown Lengthening

SACRAMENTO, California — The February Journal of the California Dental Association covers a variety of topics, including crown lengthening needs and outcomes in adults attending a predoctoral clinic; the presentation of a rare case of a giant cell tumor affecting the right mandibular condyle in a young male patient; and a look at California dentists' knowledge and opinions of the interface between oral and overall health.

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The Alarming Connection Between Eating Disorders And Acid Erosion

DALLAS, Texas — A year after her dental school graduation in 1990, Mojdeh Dehghan, D.D.S., an alumna of Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry, moved from Dallas to Memphis, Tennessee, where she joined a group practice. It wasn't long before psychologists at the office a few doors down started referring patients. One in particular would influence a sizable portion of Dehghan's career. The patient, a young woman, had recovered from bulimia. She had struggled with the eating disorder for six years, but the toll it took on her teeth — in large part due to repeated exposure to stomach acid — would last much longer.

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Is Your Dentist Finding More Than Just Cavities?

DALLAS, Texas — A quick glance in the mouth and your dentist can spot a plethora of bad habits, like opening bobby pins with your teeth or chewing ice. But did you know they can also see more serious health issues that may be lurking elsewhere in the body? William Wathen, D.M.D., associate professor at the Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry, gives an inside perspective of what your dentist sees during a regular checkup.

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Satisfaction Levels Vary For Dentists Based On Practice Setting, New Survey Shows

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia — Dentists who work in small group practices report greater job satisfaction than those who work in single or large-group practices, according to an article in the August issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA). Results from a recent survey also indicate that those working in large group settings report greater satisfaction with their income and benefits, and less stress.

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Lancet Article Suggests Increase In Infective Endocarditis Tied To Reduction In Antibiotics Use

A time-series study on antibiotic prophylaxis published online Nov. 18 in the Lancet noted a gradual increase in the incidence of infective endocarditis in England that appears to correspond with a reduction in antibiotic prophylaxis for IE prevention.

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Helping Patients Breathe Easier And Sleep Better

LOS ANGELES, California — Many patients might be surprised to find out that their dentist cares about how well they have been sleeping. Besides helping their patients with harmful nighttime dental habits such as jaw clenching and teeth grinding, they can also play a role in helping them address potentially serious breathing problems.

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Diabetes Risk Higher Among Latinos

LOS ANGELES, California — Of the nearly 24 million Americans who have diabetes, Latinos are increasingly at risk. According to the National Diabetes Education Program, approximately 4.5 million Latinos have the disease. The statistics show 10.4 percent of Latinos ages 20 or older have diagnosed diabetes. Within the Latino ethnic groups, diabetes rates are 8.2 percent for Cuban-Americans, 11.9 percent for Mexican-Americans and 12.6 percent for Puerto Ricans.

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Dentistry Without Needles

LOS ANGELES, California — What if it were possible to undergo a root canal filling or tooth extraction without feeling the pinch of a needle or the after affects of general anesthesia? Hypnosis could uncover a new world for patients seeking dental care.

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A Unique Approach to Dental Care for Autistic Patients

USC School of Dentistry Special Patients Clinic Tailors Treatment for Patients' Needs

LOS ANGELES, California — April is National Autism Awareness Month. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, autism may affect as many as one in 150 children, making it more common than pediatric cancer, diabetes and AIDS combined.

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