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Posted by : PressRelease on Jan 09, 2011 - 01:12 PM
BEVERLY HILLS, California – The leading innovator in cavity prevention, CariFree, introduces their new Dry Mouth Kit. A side effect of nearly every medication on the market, dry mouth, formally known as Xerostomia, is more prevalent than ever. Thankfully, Carifree's Dry Mouth Kit will not only alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of dry mouth, it will also ensure teeth are protected from associated dry mouth risks, like cavities. Equipped with everything from rinses to sprays to gels and even gum, the Dry Mouth Kit by CariFree is essential to anyone exhibiting dry mouth symptoms.

For some individuals, dry mouth develops naturally, while others may inherit the ailment by result of prescribed medications, various cancer treatments, genetic disorders, or mouth breathing. Because saliva plays such an integral role in the cleansing and moistening of the mouth, as well as the digestion of food, those inflicted become more vulnerable to the caries disease, which causes cavities. By neutralizing the mouth's acidity with high pH products that work to prevent damage caused by lack of saliva, the Dry Mouth Kit relieves uncomfortable dry mouth symptoms and protects teeth from its associated risks at all fronts.

"There has yet to be a product that has been able to truly combat dry mouth and its associated problems, such as dental caries," says Carri Cady, Vice President for Sales and Marketing for CariFree. "It is because of this, CarifFree developed the Dry Mouth Treatment Kit to successfully relieve all dry mouth symptoms. CariFree's system for maintaining a healthy pH combined with cavity fighting xylitol will not only rid the discomfort of dry mouth, but also protect from further complications."

CariFree's Dry Mouth Treatment Kit includes:

"CariFree's mission is to take a proactive approach to dentistry. All too often, patients are made to suffer with symptoms only to repair the damage with equally uncomfortable treatments. CariFree's line of products is easy, safe, and effective. Plus, they stop the symptoms before they become a problem," says Cady.

It may be news to many sufferers that dry mouth is most likely the cause of their chronic cavities. Even more of a surprise- a company has finally created a solution to relieving and preventing those symptoms associated. Though there is no way to cure dry mouth completely, CariFree's Dry Mouth Kit can ensure individuals are more comfortable and well protected.

SOURCE: CariFree

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