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Dentist Studying Periodontal Disease In Elderly Receives Research Award

CHICAGO, Illinois — A dentist and Ph.D. candidate studying periodontal disease in the elderly is the inaugural recipient of the American Dental Association (ADA) Foundation Dentsply Sirona Research Award for Dual Degree Candidates.

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Straighten Out Coordination Of Benefits With ADA Resources

When it comes to determining benefits, C-O-B is often not as easy as 1-2-3.

CHICAGO, Illinois — Coordination of benefits is when a patient has more than one dental plan and may be able to use both of them to cover dental procedures. When this occurs, the two plans work together to coordinate benefits to eliminate over-billing or duplication of benefits.

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Placing Dentists Where They Can Do The Most Good

GREENVILLE, North Carolina — What happens when you recruit students who are committed to rural practice and prepare them to be dentists in rural practice environments? Can such an investment make a measurable difference in improving access to dental care?

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The Risk Of Prescribing Antibiotics With No Documentation

by Richard C. Engar, DDS, FAGD

Various states and provinces have different regulations governing the documentation of medications dispensed in the dental office. Controlled substances, in particular, require careful record-keeping. Does this level of attention need to be paid for antibiotic prescriptions? The following case illustrates the pitfalls that can occur when antibiotics phoned into a pharmacy after hours or during the weekend can cause problems for a dentist who does not keep careful records of these prescriptions.

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Browse More Than 200 Courses In CDA’s Online C.E Calendar

SACRAMENTO, CaliforniaCalifornia Dental Association (CDA) provides an online calendar of C.E. course offerings for dentists who want to enhance their practice and professional development or simply need credits for license renewal.

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RSVP For 2018 Colorado Dentists At The Capitol Lobby Day

DENVER, Colorado — Mark your calendar for February 16 and plan to join the Colorado Dental Association (CDA) for the 2018 Dentists at the Capitol Lobby Day.

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Student Dentist Completes Double Implant Placement With Guided Surgery

Surgical Implant Guide

LEXINGTON, Kentucky — The University of Kentucky College of Dentistry (UKCD) strives for the continual integration of leading edge digital technology, including in its DMD Student Clinic. Such a commitment is the reason why UKCD student dentist Hanjun Guan was able to place two dental implants for a patient using a guided surgery technique. The procedure is Guan's first step in placing an implant-retained overdenture.

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New Clinic Gives Dental Patients Immediate Access To Nurse Practitioner Managed Care

From left to right: Whitney Nash, Ph.D., A.P.R.N., F.A.A.N.P.; Marcia J. Hern, Ed.D., C.N.S., R.N.; Beverly D.N.P., A.P.R.N.; Michelle L. Baxter A.P.R.N.; T. Gerard Bradley, B.D.S., M.S., Dr.Med.Dent.; F. John Firriolo, D.D.S., Ph.D.

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — Breaking down barriers to care while offering better patient service are reasons the University of Louisville Schools of Dentistry and Nursing will launch UofL Care Partners, a new clinical service at the dental school.

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University Of Maryland Alum Earns Recognition For Distinguished Orthodontics Career

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania — Robert Bray, DDS '73, has dedicated much of his career to advancing education and research in the orthodontic field, with the long-term goal of providing excellence in patient care.

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New Endowed Fund Established At Eastman Institute For Oral Health

Foundation representatives visit Eastman Institute. (l to r ) Jenn Pronobis, Dr. Ruff, Dr. Apolito, Julia Trask, Ed Reif, Dr. Meyerowitz, Dr. Rossouw

ROCHESTER, New York — The American and WNY Dental Partners Foundation have committed to a $50,000 endowed fund that will benefit graduating residents from all the various clinical programs at the University of Rochester Eastman Institute for Oral Health.

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