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Aesthetic Edge Now Offers C02 Laser Treatments

REDONDO BEACH, California – Aesthetic Edge of Redondo Beach now offers CO2 Laser Treatments that help you look young and give off a beautiful glow.

CO2 Laser Treatments are non surgical procedures offered at Spa Redondo Beach that involve the application of Carbon Dioxide lasers against the skin. The procedure takes anywhere between ten to thirty minutes, and provides instant results. It is virtually pain free, and discomfort, if any, is very minimal. The procedure involves a therapist slathering a topical gel on the surface of the client's skin, and then running the laser all over the client's face and neck.

This procedure is known to give the client a more youthful glow, right after the procedure. Specifically, CO2 Laser Hermosa Beach seek to improve the condition of the patient's skin by reducing sun spots, reducing fine lines, laugh lines, and light wrinkles. Also, the treatment gives the client smoother, more radiant skin that seems to glow from within. After one session, the client will instantly get to enjoy all these results; and more drastic changes (like the disappearance of light wrinkles) may take place after regular CO2 Laser Treatments.

The inclusion of this brand new (and most requested) treatment, keeps Aesthetic Edge on top of its game; as it has always been the number one provider of the best skin care treatments and other cosmetic services, in the state of California. It has always been known as the top destination for people who want to have gorgeous skin, and an aesthetically pleasing look. More importantly, Aesthetic Edge is known for being equipped with the most top of the line and high tech equipment that ensures that all their clients get only the best treatments and procedures. Also, Aesthetic Edge has a top notch staff that makes each and every one of their clients feel right at home. Their staff of experienced experts makes even the most daunting procedures more pleasurable, as they guide and assist them through every step. Spa Redondo Beach is backed by Doctor Keith Marcus, one of the most popular, most respected, and most celebrated plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors. His partner, Doctor Michael Fullbright shares his expertise in cosmetic dentistry, as he is one of the top dentists in the country. This only expands the services that Aesthetic Edge can offer.

Aesthetic Edge, unlike most cosmetic clinics, has combined the expertise skill that is expected from a clinic with the aesthetic beauty and relaxing nature of a day spa. This makes Aesthetic Edge a relaxing and inviting place wherein people can get beautified, while relaxing, and feeling comfortable. It has a soothing interior, a relaxing ambiance, and a very warm atmosphere that only compliments the whole experience of getting cosmetic surgery.

So if you want to try CO2 Laser Treatments, or other cosmetic services, contact the best cosmetic clinic in the state of California. Call 310 316 1400 or send an email to You may also visit their clinic at 1815 Via El Prado Suite 102 Redondo Beach California, or visit their website at

SOURCE: Aesthetic Edge, Michael Fulbright, DDS

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