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Dentistry Capitalising on Recession

“How to grow your dental business in an adverse economic climate”, as presented by Iain Forster, Managing Director of DIO UK, at the Royal Society of Medicine, London.

LONDON, England –

Iain Forster, Managing Director of DIO UK, presented his marketing advice and ideas to delegates at the Royal Society of Medicine on Friday 3rd September. The 45-minute session was well attended and there was much interest shown both in the content of his presentation and the follow-up series of marketing workshops Iain is holding over the next few months to help dentists make the most of their marketing budgets.

In his presentation Iain said that it was a good time to be in dentistry, with the population increasing and costs decreasing. He also put a positive spin on the recession saying that companies that promoted heavily during a recession were often the first to emerge from it and the most successful in the following years.

Despite encouraging dentists to promote their services during a recession, Iain urged caution. He said that companies should not over spend and should test marketing methods to determine what worked best for them and focus on those that proved to be most successful. “It pays to start small and build confidence,” he said.

Iain was confident that the economic climate is right for dentists to promote their businesses as the country emerges from recession. He went on to explain that it is however essential that practices remain focused, targeting those people with whom they already have a relationship before spending too much money looking further afield. He drew a distinction between internal marketing to reach out to the local population, educating their own practice teams and the importance of the Internet; and external marketing that was designed to open up new markets over an extended period. “Internal marketing gives us business tomorrow,” he said. “External marketing gives us business next year.”

Bringing marketing right up to date Iain urged dentists that they should embrace social media and the opportunities it provides. Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In and many more all provide unprecedented opportunities for dentists to reach out to a wider market, for little or no cost. Not only are these outlets easy to use they are also essential for those practices who do not want to be left behind as the old marketing techniques are superseded by newer, cheaper, more effective methods.

In closing Iain introduced the new “21st Century Dental Marketing” workshops which help dentists to take advantage of the opportunities they have available to market their businesses in the modern climate. The workshops cover:

  • The use of PR and how to do it;
  • Best practices for web page layout;
  • How to use a CMS system to keep your website up to date;
  • Maximising patient conversions;
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO);
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns É and much more.

To book your place on the next 21st Century Dental Marketing workshop, go to: or visit

Iain is now presenting his lecture as a free online webinar. Delegates can register for the online seminar by going to

DIO Implant is a global supplier of dental implant technology. Established for over 20 years, DIO is rapidly expanding in the UK and has already taken a sizeable share of the market with its combination of high quality, sensible pricing and clear communication. The company's focus on marketing education is part of its strategy to build effective and profitable business partnerships throughout the dental industry.

SOURCE: The Words Workshop Ltd.

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