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Are You At Risk Of Mouth Cancer?

WARWICKSHIRE, United Kingdom – It's Mouth Cancer Awareness Week from November 12-18 and campaign co-ordinator, the British Dental Health Foundation, is urging the public to look out for the vital early symptoms.

Treated in its early stages mouth cancer is curable, but left later it kills around one in two – so it is very important that people know what to look out for.

For example did you know that many mouth cancer cases develop from a simple ulcer that won't heal?

Using the tagline ‘If in doubt, get checked out', the Foundation is urging anyone who has had an ulcer for more than three weeks to visit their dentist or doctor to get it checked. You should also pay a visit to the surgery if you notice a red or white patch or any other unusual changes in the mouth.

To minimise your risk of developing mouth cancer the Foundation strongly advises against the use of tobacco. Smoking and drinking alcohol to excess are the most common causes of mouth cancer and, if done together, they can increase your risk by up to 30 times.

Like other cancers, a poor diet is also a contributory factor in developing mouth cancer.

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the Foundation, commented: “Mouth cancer kills one person every five hours of the UK and the number of new cases is growing all the time.

“A healthy lifestyle can minimise your risk of developing mouth cancer but you must also be aware of the possible early symptoms and, if you have any concerns, visit your dentist or doctor as soon as possible.”

For more information on mouth cancer visit

The Foundation is running two campaigns to raise money for Mouth Cancer Awareness: a Sponsorship campaign and a Blue Ribbon campaign.

You will find information on how you can help raise funds for Mouth Cancer Awareness at For a sponsorship form or to purchase a £1 Blue Ribbon Badge, visit the website or write to Mouth Cancer Awareness, British Dental Health Foundation, 2 East Union Street, Rugby, CV22 6AJ.

SOURCE: British Dental Health Foundation

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