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American Board of Endodontics Announces Additional Board Eligibility Status

NEW YORK, New York – For the last several years, the Directors of the American Boar of Endodontics (ABE) have discussed expanding the opportunities for participation in the Board Certification process. During the Annual Session in Dallas, the ABE changed its policy, and now allows an unprecedented third Board Eligible status to all Educationally Qualified Endodontists. Interested parties can now submit a new Preliminary Application and Track Selection Form to begin a new cycle. Please contact Margie Hannen at the Central Office (312/266-7310) for additional information.

Taking the Written Examination Prior to Graduation
We are pleased to announce that beginning in 2006, students will have the opportunity to take the Written Examination prior to graduating from their respective programs.

A new category has been established, Prospective Board Candidate. Students that are enrolled in an ADA-accredited endodontic program can register for the Written Examination the same year of their graduation.

Students register for the examination by submitting an application and $125 to the ABE and payment of the examination fee (currently$170). Deadlines for submission will be determined based on the date of the examination.

Upon completion of the registration process and payment of examination fee, the student will receive the designation, Prospective Board Candidate.

Prospective Board Candidates have until the end of the year the Written Examination was taken to submit a notarized copy of their endodontic certificate, an additional payment of $125 and their Preliminary Application. (The fees total the $250 Preliminary Application fee required of Candidates seeking "Board Eligible" status.)

Once the Preliminary Application is approved by the ABE Credentials Committee, the Candidate will be declared Board Eligible and the results of the Written Examination will be released to the Candidate. The results of the Written Examination are only available to Board Eligible Candidates. Irrespective of the outcome of the Written Examination, the current Board Certification process timelines will be in effect. After being declared Board Eligible, Candidates have three years to pass the Written Examination.

Failure to complete the Written Examination within the prescribed three-year period, results in the loss of Board Eligibility. A Candidate who fails to pass the Written Examination on the first attempt, may take the examination a second time, provided that this is accomplished within the designated three-year time period.

Upon successful completion of the Written Examination and a minimum of four years identification with the specialty of endodontics, the Candidate will be sent a Final Application. The Final Application must be submitted by December 31st of the following year. Identification with endodontics begins with the start date of the endodontic program. Failure to submit the Final Application, within the eligibility period,results in the loss of Board Eligibility.

SOURCE: American Board of Endodontics

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