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BC Dentists Launch First-Ever Free Day To Give Low Income Adults Urgent Care

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – In celebration of Oral Health Month, the Association of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia (ADSBC) is launching its first-ever province-wide dental outreach program, called Community Dental Day, on Tuesday, April 29, 2003. To date, volunteer dentists in 40 communities around the province have signed up to treat underprivileged working adults in need of urgent dental care free of charge on that day.

Patients are being identified and booked for treatment through the Salvation Army and public health workers. The Association anticipates that some 750 patients will receive urgent dental treatment including tooth extractions and fillings.

"As healthcare providers, we know how important dental care is to one's overall health and wellness. Dentists also recognize that it is sometimes beyond some people's financial means," says Dr. Wendy Rondeau, ADSBC spokesperson and volunteer dentist. "By this volunteer effort on April 29, we hope to make a real difference to those we treat. Community Dental Day is a great way for the dental profession to help give a healthy smile to people in need."

Community Dental Day was developed as a result of discussions with Dr. Jack Hutchinson who travels several times a year with his dental team to Guatemala, Nicaragua and other third-world countries to provide free dental treatment to the underprivileged. Dr. Hutchinson, a dentist practising in Richmond, inspired the Association to create Community Dental Day here in BC as an annual Oral Health Month program.

"By participating and volunteering to help those in need, BC dentists are performing an important community service," says Colin Hansen, Minister of Health Services.

The ADSBC is the professional organization for British Columbia dentists, responsible for promoting and supporting the interests of its 2,700 members and advocating for the oral health of all British Columbians. For more information on Oral Health Month activities, go to and click on Consumer Information.

SOURCE: Association of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia

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