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Congratulations to Jacob K. Lee DDS Next Western District Trustee

Jacob Lee DDSSACRAMENTO, California — Dr. Lee has served in California Society of Pediatric Dentistry leadership for the past 5 years and as a Trustee of the Western Society of Pediatric Dentistry for the past 3 years. His commitment and focus have been to fulfill the vision and the mission of CSPD and that of WSPD.

CSPD is unique in that our members constitute about 50% of the Western District Society and 10% of the entire AAPD membership. Thus, our voice must be heard and attended to. Dr. Lee's understanding of the inner workings of both CSPD and WSPD will allow him to achieve a greater level of communication with AAPD to serve as an effective Trustee. Thank you Dr Lee for your service!

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