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The Argen Corporation Acquires Captek Technology

SAN DIEGO, California – The Argen Corporation (Argen), the largest dental gold producer in the World, and Precious Chemicals (Captek), the creators and marketers of the Captek Technology, announced today that Argen has acquired the worldwide exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights for all Captek Products and Technologies.

Argen offers one of the strongest and most vibrant global distribution channels to the dental laboratory. Focusing on core competencies and complete customer satisfaction, Argen has flourished into the largest supplier of precious and non-precious dental alloys in the USA and the World. Argen continues to innovate and develop new materials and processes to assist clients in growing their business and providing superior restorations to the patient. Argen will leverage these vast global resources and expertise to promote and support Captek Technologies worldwide. The entire Captek client services and technical team will be joining Argen to ensure the strong, continued support of the Captek Technology today and long into the future. Nick Azzara, President of Captek, will become a Vice President of Argen and the Director of the Captek Division. He will be reunited with Lou Azzara, the former CEO of Captek, and current Vice President of Global Business Development for Argen.

"We are very excited about this opportunity for Argen and Captek," said Anton Woolf, CEO of Argen. "We believe that Argen's vast global presence and unparalleled distribution network, combined with Captek's strong brand recognition and customer-focused vision, will further strengthen Argen's position in the marketplace and ensure growth of the Captek Technology. We are proud to welcome Nick and his team into the Argen Family."

The Captek name is one of the most recognized and requested brand names in the dental industry. It is well known for esthetics, strength and health properties unique to the patented metal composite formula. The founders of Precious Chemicals Ltd. and co-inventors of Captek, Dr. Itzhak Shoher and Aharon Whiteman, MDT, will continue to work with Argen's research and development team to further evolve the Captek Technology, while maintaining its outstanding esthetics and health properties.

"We are proud to collaborate with such a prestigious industry partner," said Dr. Itzhak Shoher, Chairman and CEO of Precious Chemicals Ltd. "This is a wonderful opportunity to bring the Captek Technology to an even higher level of client support and accelerate global expansion."

About The Argen Corporation

Argen, a family business founded over 50 years ago, is currently the largest dental gold producer in the World and the United States. With over 275 full-time employees and over 300 worldwide dealers, Argen reaches over 100 countries. Argen's headquarters and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility are situated on 3 acres in San Diego, CA. Argen has wholly-owned subsidiary companies in Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, and a Support Office in China. Argen has acquired and continues to manufacture products under the following brand names: Jelenko, Pentron, Aurium, Leach & Dillon Alloys, Wilkinson Alloys, World Alloys, Gateway Alloys, Dent-Gold, Dental Alloy Products and other private label brands. Argen specializes in the sale of precious alloys, non-precious alloys, digital precious and non-precious substructures, and refining services for the dental industry.

About Precious Chemicals (Captek)

The partnership between Dr. Itzhak Shoher and Aharon Whiteman, MDT, (Captek co-inventors) was formed in 1994 with Lou Azzara, MBA. Precious Chemicals built the Captek Technology into a brand recognized throughout dentistry for outstanding esthetics, strength and health. Clinically proven to repel harmful bacteria from the gum line, Captek is the only restorative material proven to exhibit this behavior and is now recognized by many industry leaders as the preferred restoration for patients with oral or systemic health risks. Captek is recognized as best in class, for technical service and product related clinical support. The Captek Company and Technology received numerous industry and clinical awards over the past 16 years, including 8 consecutive "Townie Choice Awards" for best PFM.

SOURCE: Argen Corporation

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