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Dynobite Smiles (Pediatric Dentist) Announces Scholarship for High School Seniors

MIDDLEBURY, Connecticut – It is very easy to overlook the needs of others when living our everyday lives, but at times we must sit down and reflect on how to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Dynobite Smiles recognizes the significance of community involvement, family, and fellowship. This year we are starting a new tradition that we plan to expand as the years pass by. At the end of the school term, we hope to award a scholarship to a deserving high school senior.

"So You Want to be a Dentist?" Scholarship Program was built this year after a riveting discussion between Dr. Henderson and her CEO regarding the absence of women and minorities in the field of dentistry, especially in the state of Connecticut. Their discussion concluded with this scholarship program which is intended to plant a seed in the minds of young people, such as why not be a dentist? Dynobite Smiles hopes to inspire, strike young people in the area and give them something to look forward to with this program.

Established in 2008, Dynobite Smiles is a pediatric dental practice specializing in making your family's experience a positive and memorable one. Dr. Henderson is very knowledgeable in her field and her staff possesses more than ten years of combined experience. Dynobite Smiles offers flexible hours upon request, 24-hour emergency concierge service, top of the line products, and a fantastic experience. We strive for excellence even when are not seeing patients.

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