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Sulzer Calcitek Announces Breakthrough in Hydroxyapatite (HA) Coating Technology

CARLSBAD, California – "We're very excited about the MP-1™ process--it's the first major breakthrough in HA dental implant coating technology in years, " says Steven Hanson, President of Sulzer Calcitek. "As the leader in HA coating technology, we've known that crystalline HA is the most desirable element of an HA coating. Because it is more stable and less soluble than other substances found in HA coatings, such as alpha and beta tricalcium phosphates, tetracalcium, phosphate and calcium oxide, it provides strong biological integration of dental implants with surrounding bone tissue."

Sulzer Calcitek has spent the last five years working to develop a new process that would increase the crystalline HA content of its coating. The result of these efforts is the new MP-1 process, an enhanced HA coating process that increases the crystalline HA content to 97%.1 An independent university study showed crystalline HA contents of competitive coatings at 38%-70%.1 "Clinicians who have used our HA coated implants know the quality of Sulzer Calcitek's HA products. We now have testing to prove it."

The MP-1 process received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in February 1996. In April 1997, the company began utilizing the new process to coat its HA coated Spline dental implants and will continue phasing in the new process over the next six months.

Sulzer Calcitek is proud to be a member of the $1 billion Sulzer Medica consortium of medical device manufacturers, where information and technologies are developed and shared. This ensures that we bring you and your patients safe, innovative products today, as well as tomorrow.

Call Centerpulse Dental for more information: (800) 854-7019, (760) 929-4300 outside the U.S., or (800) 363-2876 in Canada.

1 Independent university study; data on file.
MP-1 is a trademark of Sulzer Calcitek Inc.
Spline Dental Implant System, U.S. Patent No. 5,449,291. [ Printer-friendly page Printer-friendly page ]
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